*VMA is a VOLUNTEER service you may request so that you can receive proof of meeting attendance.

**Verification IS the responsibility of the participant requesting it. If requirements are not met, VMA will not be issued.


*Verifications to only be offered if there is co-host availability as per Group Conscience (GC.)


  • *Send your name, email & the hour you are attending (+time zone) to our verifications co-host within 10 mins of the top of the hour.
  • *In order to receive proof of attendance you must:
    • – Stay on camera
    • – Visibly show participation in the meeting
    • – Not be engaged in any other activities
  • *We verify each individual for one meeting/hour at a time. If you are here for consecutive hours, it is your responsibility to repeat the above.
  • *You should receive an email within 24-72 hours for your records.
  • *For further instruction or clarification please visit:

*** Thank you for your participation! ***


  • One co-host, if available, will be assigned to take and submit verifications.
  • For safety reasons, please direct message the verification co-host with the following:

Your Name,   Local Time / time zone,

Ex.  Bill Wilson,  4PM / CST,

  • Please check your information before submitting. If the email is incorrect, it will result in not receiving verification.
    • If you do not see a verification in your inbox after 72 hours please check your spam/trash.
  • If no time zone is given, your verification may be sent in Eastern Standard Time (EST) or the time zone of the verifier.
  • Due to the time zones of the volunteers and, errors are probable as we are an international meeting.
  • If you request VMA, you must comply with the guidelines.
  • PRO TIP: Save this information along with the verifier’s name in case you do not receive your verification after 72 hours.


  • Participants are not required to share or speak, but are expected to remain on camera FOR THE FULL HOUR, with the lights on, seated, visibly showing their full face and not engaged in any other activity.
  • If a short break is needed, you must check in with the verification co-host, let them know when you leave and when you return to your screen.
  • Participants are expected to dress and behave properly while in attendance. 
  • REMINDER: All meetings last a full hour, participants should be prepared to stay attentive during this time.
    • If you have an appointment at the start of the next hour, you are going to be late. 


  • VMA is a service provided by volunteer service members of the 319 AA Group.
    • Due to availability of co-hosts VMA may not be offered at all hours.
    • Response times generally are 24-72 hours. Please be mindful of this time frame and potential deadlines you have to submit a VMA to an outside source.
  • 319 AA Group is not affiliated with any court system, outside enterprise or any related facility.
  • If the participant has ongoing attendance requirements, it is their responsibility to track, collect, save, and report their attendance.
  • Missing verifications are often denials. Denials may not be submitted.
  • For look-up requests, questions and concerns please allow a week for processing/reply after emailing 
  • Verification records are stored for two weeks. Look-up requests will only be honored for two weeks after the meeting date.
  • If you are missing a verification after three days and are within two weeks of the meeting attendance date, please email the following:
    • Meeting Date and Time with the Time Zone
    • Name of verification co-host


  • 319 AA Group is an anonymous fellowship that does not publish membership lists, take any mandatory attendance or impose any requirements on such. 
  • 319 AA Group has always sought to cooperate with individuals, whether it be for court, personal, or other unknown reasons, in an effort to help anyone with a request for verification.

Note from one of our beloved verifiers:

OK people, let’s be blunt.  You got drunk and you got into trouble.  You are not the first. You are not the worst.  We really do want to help.  Many of us have been right where you are now.  We get it.  Now we’re sober and we try to live an honest life.  Time takes time. In that time we try to clean up the wreckage of our past. Personally and legally. If you need help getting verified, we are here.  If you think you have a problem with alcohol please reach out and explore other options available at or

Please email for more information.